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Tea House, 2022
From After The High Tide :
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After The High Tide  
4 Cromwell Place, South Kensington, London

Not Dreaming
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  • RCA2021 Online graduate exhibition, 26th June 2021
  • Cromwell Place RCA2021, physical exhibition, 14th July 2021

Not Dreaming (WIP), 2021
Still image.

Space Travel, 2021

From micro to macro, what is the difference inbetween our relashinship with travelling in the washing machine and travelling in Spce? 

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  From Plato’s cave to the Matrix, we have always been looking for a way out of the simulation to the “reality”, again and again we fall into the loop of the simulacra we created ourselves. We perceive reality with things we can grasp as reference points: objects we can touch, sound, smell, movement… I’m interested in the factors that impact people’s perception.  

  The threshold between the real and the unreal is blurrier than it ever was. If we could pretend physical things are more real pre-pandemic, now we can’t anymore. The real and the unreal are co-dependent, they intersect with each other and prove each other’s existence.

  What is photography in 2021? When a photograph doesn’t need to be taken, the simulacra becomes the simulation. Camera was never a truth machine, but things and light needed to happen in order to create an image. When photography no longer needs a camera, where can we then set our reference points to prevent ourselves getting lost in the never-ending loop of simulation?

  I’ve always wanted to know what is that thing that we call the “reality”.
What haunts me is what I’m familiar the most. When something is “familiar and alien at the same time”, it triggers the feeling of uncanny. Several months of being stuck at home, I was haunted by my own home.

  After staring at the same objects everyday for a while, home somehow feels very eerie. As if this is all just an illusion, or a simulation.  

  Or, should I say it in a more affirmative way? Cause we already are very deep in to the simulation game. The simulation we created ourselves.
  Our desire is simulated by what advertisements make us. Our beliefs are altered by what the big brothers want us to believe and support. Even the thought of “making my own decision” is simulated by the game. And the algorithm convince us all that we’re all independent, so we won’t doubt.

Part of the exhibition SW11dow :

On view through my bedroom window at SW London, from 12th to 14th Feburary 

The Unfamiliar Domestic (inside), 2021



The Unfamiliar Familiar
Thinking about the “real” and the”artificial”; “ordinary” and “strange”, the “uncanny” effect in our daily life is what this ongoing project centred around. 

How we as human-beings perceive what’s around us and also how the perception becomes part of the infrastructure of this world?  By recreating the eerie, the unstable, the unfamiliar using the most familiar objects and scenes, I give the opportunity of doubting the reality back to the viewers.