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Space Travel, 2021

From micro to macro, what is the difference inbetween our relashinship with travelling in the washing machine and travelling in Spce? 

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Recent exhibition:

On view through my bedroom window at SW London, from 12th to 14th Feburary 

The Unfamiliar Domestic (inside), 2021



The Unfamiliar Familiar

Thinking about the “real” and the”artificial”; “ordinary” and “strange”, the “uncanny” effect in our daily life is what this ongoing project centred around. Sigmund Freud's essay The Uncanny (1919) brought up the idea of the uncanny as the instance when something can be familiar and yet alien at the same time.

How we as human-beings perceive what’s around us and also how the perception becomes part of the infrastructure of this world?  By recreating the eerie, the unstable, the unfamiliar using the most familiar objects and scenes, I give the opportunity of doubting the reality back to the viewers.